Chief and Council

The Malahat Nation Chief and Council are committed to supporting an engaged community by ensuring there is a range of opportunities for Malahat Nation members to be knowledgeable about local government and provide feedback on issues affecting their community.

Guiding Principles

Malahat Nation has four (4) guiding principles for community consultation:

  1. Inclusiveness: The Malahat Nation consultation process offers all Malahat Nation members a reasonable opportunity to contribute and to develop a balanced perspective.
  2. Access to Decision Making: The Malahat Nation consultation process provides participants the opportunity to influence decisions.
  3. Transparent and Accountable: The Malahat Nation consultation process allows stakeholders understand their role, the level of engagement and the outcome of the process.
  4. Open and Timely Communication: Malahat Nation provides information that is timely, accurate, objective, easily understood, accessible, and balanced.
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